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ePALS E-mail Support


ePALS for K12 Administrators and Teachers employees will end around July 1, 2007.
Migration information here.
List of tentative alphabetical e-mails to be changed here
Setting up Outlook and Entourage for accounts here.
Current K12 accounts will be migrated to the LAUSD.NET accounts in Exchange.
The change will save the District millions each year.
The e-mail name will not change other that the switch from "" to "".
Eventually, the e-mail name will switch from the current "F
irstMiddleLast1234" format to first.last.
K12 employees will not be joining the LAUSD Domain so Outlook will not have the full capabilities.
All e-mail sent to the older account will be forwarded to the new account.
All old e-mail will be sent to a folder seen in the new account.
Student K12 accounts may continue with ePALS.
Other internal or external providers are being considered.
Teachers with students using ePALS (need more info).
School ePALS site administrators (need more info).

Notice Employees needing to re-establish an e-mail account (of InsideLAUSD account) because a hint/answer is not in their user profile, can call the ITD HelpDesk 323.224.2277.


Below is older information on ePALS...

ePALS E-mail Explained and Selected Support Links
ePALS is provided for the use of K-12 students and staff members of LAUSD schools. K12 use is funded through E-rate. ePALS is internationally recognized as a leading provider of school safe e-mail and collaborative technology. Classrooms use ePALS for inter-school communication nan international cross-cultural learning. It was the first e-mail with built-in language translation in eight languages. It has several levels of control for accounts - school only, District only, ePALS community only, and full internet access. Mail can be monitored with suspect e-mails forwarded to a site ePALS administrator to review. Teachers can create a class profile to share and seek other classes to collaborate with during the year. One can go to the website and
search ePALS for classrooms seeking contacts
or search to collaborate on projects
without having an account.

Internet Safety Rules
Here are some simple rules to follow when you are online.

  1. Keep your identity to yourself.
  2. Never get together with someone you meet online.
  3. Never respond to e-mail, chat comments, instant messages or other messages that are hostile, beligerent, inapprorpiate, or inany waht make you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Talk to you parents about their expectations and ground rules for going online.

More Online Safety Resources
Get Wise Online Saftey Guide

CyberSmart! : Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets



LAUSD ePALS logon page
(the translation feature is available without logging in)

LAUSD's ePALS Support Site

ePALS e-mail Setups for Outlook Express, Entourage, Netscape 7.1

LAUSD ePALS e-mail log on information
How to Use Your LAUSD e-mail
a Powerpoint by Elizabeth R. Wilmington MS

ePALS SchoolMail Video


ePALS Corporate Homepage

ePALS Monitoring and Community Tools Guide

ePALS Best Practices for Getting Started

ePALS Support page from San Miguel Magnet ES

ePALS Classroom Integration Ideas

ePALS Salary Point Course
"Integrating E-Mail to Advance Writing, Research, and Inquiry"
Course: 55.21.605 Go to InsideLAUSD to view schedule of classes. Method to get to InsideLAUSD LearningZone:
LAUSD Homepage > Employees > InsideLAUSD > Learning Zone > Courses > Course Offerings.
ePALS - How to Export Files to Outlook Express

How to Become an ePALS Account Administrator or Co-administrator at Your School
The first step will require the Principal to approve the use of ePALS and a school to have ePALS administrator or co-administrators.
Q: My school site does not have a site sub administrator. How do we get one?
A: The principal needs to send a request via his/her e-mail address with the
following information to epals@*****.net (remove all * and add lausd):
1. School Name and Location Code
2. Sub Administrators First and Last Name
3. Sub Administrators employee number
4. Sub Administrators e-mail address
5. Sub Administrators contact telephone number
Once you become an ePals sub-administrator you can create individual student
email accounts. If you need to create more than 50 accounts at a time then
you can request a batch process. (But let's take this a step at a time.)
Please contact epals@*****.net (remove all * and add lausd) when you have an ePals sub-admin account and walk you
through this process.

User Account Tutorial Feature

A set of tutorials is provided and seen after logging in. Some features mentioned in the ePALS tutorials have been modified or do not exist for LAUSD users.

Accounts Unused Will Expire

Accounts that are unused for 120 days will be terminated. Accounts cost the District $10 per user.

User Tip 1: Deleting ePALS Messages and Files
Your ePALS disk space can fill up fast. It is 50MB. Empty unneeded contents in all folders:
Click on the folder button when checking ePALS and there you will find a horizontal bar as well a list of folders and their size.  Open folders and empty unneeded files. Also, open the "Delete" folder and delete contents permanently. Check "Sent" messages folder and empty it.

User Tip 2: Archiving My Sent mail

Q: My ePALS disk space is full. I want to archive my sent mail, deleting it completely does not seem
like a good alternative. 

A: Right click the "Sent Items" folder in Outlook*.  Choose "Properties" and
configure "Auto Archive" as desired. Outlook is attached to ePALS through POP (
and SMTP (
by DH (Jan. 30, 2005)
*How to set up various e-mail software is found:

User Tip 3: SPAM

Q: My ePALS account gets lots of SPAM. Why? 

A: SPAM is a similar to the junk mail we get through snail mail. Billions of dollars of productivity is lost each year. If you are getting dozens of SPAM per day this would be not normal.
- you have your e-mail address posted on a webpage or document that is on a webserver.
- your e-mail address resides in another persons computer and has been copied and added to SPAMers' e-mail list.
- you have submitted your e-mail as part of an online discussion and was archived.

- do not have your e-mail posted on a webpage or in a document. Having your e-mail mentioned in a graphic (not text) is a method we use.
- use another anonymous account for online discussions that can be changed with little consequence if SPAM is overwhelming.


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