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Mathematics Teacher and Coach Support Page

This page is for reference by the Local District 8 Secondary Mathematics Teachers, Coaches, and Experts. .



Accessing Electronic Textbooks

Glencoe McGraw-Hill
Representative for all schools in 310, 213, and 323 area codes of Los Angeles County
Cell (310) 927-8566
Fax (626) 956-0676

For Immediate Customer Service



Concept Lessons with Teacher
Facilitator Guide

A Stack of Cups 8-1-5.pdf (131KB)
Shrinking and Enlarging.pdf (131KB)
Ratio and Percents.pdf (82KB)
Calling Plan.pdf (118KB)
Cal's Dinner Card Deal.pdf (376KB)
Distributive Property.pdf (98KB)
Fraction of a Fraction.pdf (146KB)
Victor and Sharon's Road Trip.pdf (287KB)
Gauging Gas Mileage.pdf (185KB)
Linking Fractions, Decimals and Percents.pdf (126KB)
Magic Rectangle.pdf (181KB)
Problems with Percents 2.pdf (192KB)
Trading Land. Quadratic Expressions.pdf (138KB)
Two Storage Tanks.pdf (196KB)
Quadratic Quandry.pdf (172KB)
The Bowling Party.pdf (251KB)
Conserving Water.pdf (869KB)
Music Mani.pdf (218KB)
The Candy Jar.pdf (143KB)
The S-Pattern. Growing Quadratically.pdf (110KB)
Surround the Pool.pdf (136KB)

LAUSD HippoCampus
Secondary Students, Teachers, Parents, Tutors!

A project of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE).
Use HippoCampus to access audio and video tutorials.
Select method of access by course, textbook page, or CA Standard.
Not found at t his time are Language Arts texts.
FlashPlayer 7.0 or higher needed.
QuickTime 6 or higher needed for Environmental Science.
More user requirements and information here.
View online demonstration versions of courses provided by MITE here.

  RevolutionPrep CAHSEE Support
High School students using RevolutionPrep achieve a higher rate of success passing the CAHSEE exam compared to students not participating in a CAHSEE tutorial. RevolutionPrep is provided through Beyond The Bell for High School Juniors and Seniors who need assistance. One account is available for a student until the CAHSEE is passed - this includes attending Adult School. Some schools are providing RevolutionPrep accounts for Freshmen and Sophmores.
Local Distrct 8 Option Schools' Mathematics teachers can expect an optortunity for training with ReolvutionPrep during the 2008-2009 school year.
Textbook Ordering
Textbook Order Request Form here
List of vendors: Textbook Services > Order Forms (9-12) > List of Authorized Instructional Materials > Section 4
Select and print pages you need - the document is 124 pages!

SmartBoard Links
Additional online assistance and tutorials:

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Local District 8
Mathematics Support
Team .........

Dr. Felicia Clark
Secondary Math Coordinator
(310) 354-3470 *

Frank Gesicki
Secondary Math Expert
(310) 354-3520 *

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Peary DELTA Bungalow
Taper DELTA Bungalow

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Staff Development Implementation Plan

Getting Serious About Closing The Mathematics Achievement Gap ppt

Math Anxiety NCSM ppt

Helping Children Learn Math

Black History Month Math-Science Focus .ppt

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