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Mathematics Teacher and Coach Support Page
This page is for reference by the Local District 8 Mathematics Teachers, Coaches, and Experts. .
CoreK12 Education: Periodic Assessment Data

Elementary Mathematics Coach Position Description and Application - Archived Info

Contact the Local District Mathematics Support Team for Coach Postion Opening Status

"Instructional Coach – Elementary Mathematics (0848)" Description
here Word added 04/19/07 see Note below

Elementary Mathematics Job Application
pdf added 01/29/07 see Note below

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Mathematics Links for Parents, Teachers, and Students Kids Scott-Foresman Harcourt
Multiplication Discovery Schools Math Surf
Score Math Learning Planet Ed Helper
World Math Online Yahooligans Math Directory Ask Dr. Math
Teacher2Teacher Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips Elementary Math Problem of the Week
FunBrain Math Games AAA Math Practice Games Online Student Games
Interactive Manipulatives Cool Math Educational Internet


Data Support Equipment

In June, 2005, iBooks were purchased with Title I funds for use by all coaches and Title I Coordinators. Original LD8 Instructional Memo #127 sent to Principals in June, 2005 here. Quote: "....Before the end of this fiscal year, your school will be receiving equipment to support professional development. The primary function of the printer will be to facilitate teachers’ analysis of quarterly student assessment data reports. ..."

The serial numbers for the 82 iBooks purchased in June 2005 for schools is listed at:

Full details and support information is found here.

Textbook Ordering
Textbook Order Request Form here
List of vendors: Textbook Services > Order Forms (9-12) > List of Authorized Instructional Materials > Section 4
Select and print pages you need - the document is 124 pages!

SmartBoard Links
Additional online assistance and tutorials:

Local 8 SmartBoard support page here



Local District 8
Mathematics Support
Team .........

Charity Weber
Elementary Math Specialist
(310) 354-3421 *

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enVision Mathematics Documents

Combination Class enVisionMATH Alignment - K6

Instructional Guides (MIG)
Grade K
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3

Grade 4
Grade 5

enVisionMATH Component Checklist (added 08-25-09)

Math Periodic Assessment Calendar and Comparability Chart

Added 11-02-09 CST Periodic Assessment Comparability Charts

2009-2010 Math Periodic Assessment Calendar

Fifth Grade Concept Lessons

Quarter 2 Candy Bar Capers
Quarter 2 Off to the Races
Quarter 3 Earth Day
Quarter 4 Game of Chips

Fourth Grade Concept

Quarter 2 Candy Bars and Bubble Gum
Quarter 2 Cookie Containers
Quarter 3 Puppy Playpen
Quarter 4 Stacking Blocks

Third Grade Concept
Quarter 3: Elena's Patterns
Quarter 3: Flower Garden
Quarter 4: Measuring Toy Boxes

What You Can Do at Home with Your Child in Math - English

What You Can Do at Home with Your Child in Math - Spanish Word

Helping Children Learn Math

Resource Links

New! CoreK12 Education: Periodic Assessment Data

Math Standards K-Calculus standards.matrix.html

Conference Link
CA Conference Calendar
Technology Support

ITD Tech Support

Reference Links
Grant information
Staff Development
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