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Mathematics Teacher and Coach Support Page
Local District 8 now has two mathematics support pages:

SMART Board Assistance
A page with easy to follow tutorials and support information is found here
Coach iBook Assistance here
For Coach iBooks bought in June, 2005.
Apple OSX runs various maintenance scripts overnight, weekly, and monthly. If the laptops are in sleep mode at night, some problems may slowly develop.
Recommend leaving Apple computers on overnight minimum:
- Saturday
- First day of each month

Document Camera Seen at Principal Meetings
We are often asked about the document cameras we use.
The document camera we often use is the AVerMedia’s AVerVision 330.
It has been replaced by the 300p. See:
This should be about $800.
For LCDs, we order Epson LCD projectors in the $800-$900 range with manual lens controls.
The vendor we commonly use is KIS Computer Center
KIS contact info here.
Other vendor and product information can be found at:

Added August, 2006 AverVision 330 Document Cameras need to have the Dip Switch #2 (the tiny white switches seen along the side) gently pushed UP to use a LCD projector. (All Dip switches need to be in the UP position to use with LCD projectors.)
Dip switch troubleshooting tips:

1) Check the dip switch setting on the unit. It is located next to the Light module DC input. Make certain that all the dips are on UP position.
2) If all the dips are on UP, but the unit still not working. Set the dips to DOWN first, then set to UP again.
3) Disconnect all the cables from the unit, and connect the power cord first, then connecting the LCD projector.
4) Reset the unit to original default setting, to do so: go to Menu> Default Setting> Yes.
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