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Last update January 30, 2007

Local District 8 iBook Support

Purpose: This page provides a process central source of support for iBooks used by our coaches, advisors, and experts in the Mathematics, ES Reading, Secondary Literacy, and our Title 1 School Staff. This page also provides information on products purchased for 72 Title I schools by Local District 8 at the end of the 2004-2005 school year -- a HP4600dn laser printer, a DaLite 100" diagonal portable screen, and Epson 61P LCD projector.

Know your iBook serial number. LASPD Watch Commander 213.625.6631
Serial Number: Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > Hardware Overview

The serial numbers for the 82 iBooks purchased in June 2005 for schools is listed at:

LASPD Watch Commander 213.625.6631

Some Users are Experiencing Restart Problems with their Apple Laptop

iBook won't restart.

Explanation: When internal battery reserve power gets completely depleted when left in SLEEP or ON mode, the computer may not restart with normal pressing of the ON button.

1. Press the START button for several seconds.
2. If the above does not work, press the keys "CTRL" + "(Apple Symbol) " + press the "START" button.
3. If the above does not work. Remove the battery from underneath the computer by using a coin. Restart the computer using the START button and power supply plugged in. Add the battery after.


Some Users with iBook's or other 10.4 Tiger Macs Slowing Down Can try the Following in Administrator or Coach Login

There are some things you can do on a Tiger system to clean things up.
- Reset PRAM (same CMD-OPT-P-R as the old days)
- No need to defrag, OS X deals well with that, as long as your drive doesn't get beyond full (you should always have 200MB of free space, minimum)
- Run Disk Utility to repair Privileges, and verify the disk is OK. If there's a problem, boot from an external device and run Disk Utility.
- Hold down the Shift key at boot up. This is similar to the old starting without extensions, except that it's called Safe Boot. After the system boots, reboot it normally.
- Run MacJanitor, or one of the other cleanup utilities are great for getting the cleanup scripts to run manually.
See: Items 25 and 26 for more details.


Changes in the iBooks configuration that were distributed
We have disabled the MacShield application on the iBooks, added a another account, and updated them prior to distributing.
The latest LAUSD imaged Apple computer have MacShield installed. When MacShield is "ON" it allows the user's files (or any logon's created and active in MacShield) to be saved to the but all other changes, installs, updates, printer, additions to be lost on the next restart.
If you have an iBook modified by Local 8:
- MacShield is turned off
- updates where done
- a "coach" profile was made that has full administrator access to make changes to the computer.
You are able to save files anywhere including the desktop.
The "Persistent Folder" is part of the MacShield software. Here is where files are saved for the user. Files cannot be saved on folders outside the Persistent Folder.
If new computers are ordered through Apple to you school, be aware they will not function with the same freedom you have with the iBook provided by Local 8 to you.

Details on MacShield for your school Technology Team: (see right column)

Support Provided: In June, 2005, iBooks were purchased with Title I funds for coaches and Title I Coordinators. Along with the iBooks, one projector, one portable screen, and one printer were purchased for each of seventy-two (72) schools for the purpose of disseminating data and any professional development. These items are to be shared with coaches in language arts, math science, and with Title I coordinators. The school should take the lead in how these items are stored. Delivery and installation may or may not have occurred in May and June 2005 depending on a school's calendar. By the end of September, all deliveries and installations will have taken place.
School Administrator Notification: Original LD8 Instructional Memo #127 sent to Principals in June, 2005 here.

Watch this page if additional clarification is needed.

Use of Data: The use of data needs to follow these but not limited to these bulletins:
BUL-999.0 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for District Computer Systems
BUL-1077.0 Information Protection Policy
REF-669.0 Enrollment and Transfer of Student Data in ESIS
REF-778.0 Elementary Transfer of Data to Middle Schools
REF-1536.0 Elementary transfer Data to Middle Schools
REF-1099.0 Required ELEM SIS data for SBP & Intervention Prog 2004-05

Know your iBook serial number. LASPD Watch Commander 213.625.6631
Serial Number: Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > Hardware Overview

Re-imaging Capability
A server based reimaging process has been created allowing computers to be re-imaged easily at any time. re-imaging will removal all data on a computer. The image based on a pristine iBook updated in november, 2005. Updates since 2005 would need to be done.

- Mac Software Updates from the Apple Menu
- Microsoft Office 2004 Update 11.2.23 from
- View other Microsoft updates that may meet your needs
- Norton AntiVirus

iBook Repair
Added Oct. 13, 2005
Use ITD's WebForm or call 323.224.2277

If you call to resolve laptop warranty issues, call 323-224-2277
Option 2 then
[Option 1 for Gateway laptops, your lausd # is 60198 (for your reference)]
Option 2 for Apple laptops
This is the present LAUSD procedure in place for Apple and Gateway laptop warranty service.

Keep a record of the Apple dispatch number or Gateway Service tag number.

Use ITD's WebForm or call 323.224.2277.

Navigate on this page:
Software update to 10.4.x go here . (It's done if Updates are automatic.)
File on iBook features here (.pdf)
Support and Q&A here
Distribution Information here
Epson 61P LCD information here

Support and Q&A and Tips (in order of addition - not importance)


1. Q: Why were computers ordered with no CD burner or floppy drive attachment?
A: Apple iBooks do have a CD burner. The protection system to prevent its use was or will be disabled. Then, type "burn CD' in Mac Help for assistance. A separate USB or Firewire Floppy drive was considered. It was removed to reduce costs. A 512MB USB Flashmemory stick will be given. The Flashdrive has the approximate capacity of over 300 floppy disks.

2. Note: DaLite Portable Screen provided to 72 schools
It is a floor standing model seen here:
a. Pivot the "feet" on the bottom of the portable screen when setting it up so it does not fall over.
b. There is a handle to raise and lower the screen located in the case.
c. Avoid setting up the screen in drafty area or near doors that open to the outside to avoid wind.
d. In a crowded area, have two persons carry the screen.

3. Note: HP4650n printers are being delivered to 72 schools. Part of the delivery includes setting up the printer to work with the iBook.
The installers will get the iBook to link to the printer with Apple's "Bonjour" (see 4.) networking unless a static IP is provided by the school technology staff. Year-round and a few traditional calendar school got the equipment. Traditional calendar school not getting the equipment will get equipment in September. Extra toner including Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta were ordered and a "HP Image Fuser Kit 110V". One item that will be needed but was not available at the time of purchase from Stock Warehouse were "HP Image Transfer Kit" (about $199). Schools will be responsible for this and eventual other consumable item purchases.

4. Q. How can I add a network printer to an Apple without a network IP address?
Note: AppleTalk needs to be turned on in "Airport" (if wireless) or "Ethernet (if wired) or to find printers in the following method. AppleTalk can only be turned on in one area at a time. See System Preferences > Network to to turn on Appletalk.
A. Find a Printer -- Apple menu > System Preferences > Print and Fax > Printing > + (plus sign) > do search with "Default browser" > a "Bonjour" printer list will appear > the HP4650 will appear in the list > select and test.

5. I get Error messages on the Printer, what do they mean?
A: Some of the information below is for a qualified repair person to use. Some of the information here for reference purposes.
For reference.
If error messages appear and they reference tasks that are not part of a typical user routine (restart, replace cartridges, unplug, etc.) - call the HelpDesk 323.224.2277 or use the WebForm
Restarting often clears up some error messages.
Error codes explained:
HP Color LaserJet 4600 and 4650 Series Printers - Alphabetical Printer Messages

HP Color LaserJet 4600 and 5500 Series Printers - 49.xxxx Errors

HP Color LaserJet 4600 and 4650 Series Printers - Numerical Printer

Power surges and momentary outages may require the printer to be turned off, unplugged, re-plugged and restarted.
Is your printer connected to a good surge protector?

6. Q: Why is Acrobat Reader not installed?
A: Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed. Do a Spotlight search to find Adobe. Apple's "Preview" is the default viewer and will work on many .pdf files.
More on Acrobat Reader: In any print dialogue box you can save a document as a .pdf. In "Pages" and "iWork" it is best to Export a file rather than save as a .pdf.
More: For more information on downloading Acrobat Reader or seeing if an updated version of Acrobat Reader is available for any computer, see:

7. Q: How can I set up Entourage as a e-mail client (end user software) to use with ePALS?
A: Files on how to set up e-mail clients are found: (see lower right column)
These above details get you on to the school network, DSL, or Cable use of Entourage.
Dialup LAUSDnet info: The information below will help get you on to dialup LAUSD.
Mac OS X set up for Phone Dial Up is
LAUSDnet phone numbers are found:
See next question 9 for dialup access.

8. Q: How do i set up Apple's Mail for ePALS?

9. Q: Dialup for LAUSDnet is no longer available for full Internet access. What are my low cost alternatives?
A: Based on e-mail submissions to a listserv on this topic:
NetZero $9.95 per month
NetZero and Macs -- "Although I haven't tried Netzero with OSX Tiger, I have used it for several years with Panther/Jaguar. They do have software you can download to access Netzero via the Macs, OSX and OS9." - listserv submission
UTLA through Zylink $8.95 per month

10. Q: How can I transfer files from one Apple to my new Apple?
A: USB FlashDrives, e-mail, and if you have 10.x (will not work on 9.2 iBooks) on both computers connect them with a Firewire cable > press "T" (for Transfer) on the old one when starting > an icon of the restarted computer appears on the new computer desktop. Open the Harddrive icon > find files you what to transfer. drag them to a folder you create on the new computer.
Note: this process will not work with the 9.2 iBooks.

11. Schools, Options Schools, school site parent centers, High School Career Centers, or temporary emergency supplies to schools that had a computer loss. They will be reconditioned to their original condition or consideration will be given to upgrade memory, operating system, and MS Office. In addition, developing and using Apple Xservers to update the new and older computers is a priority to reduce labor and support costs.

12. Q: What can I do to protect my iBook?
A: One item that can help is providing a high quality surge protector or battery backup device. Using these devices protect the computer from electrical voltage and wattage variations that can harm or destroy the power supply and computer. These items have "sacrificial" components that do wear out. One indicator the surge protector's sacrificial component is worn and the unit needs to be replaced is the power light starts to fluctuate.

13. Q. Why were the NON-Bluetooth wireless mice being collected from the Coaches?
A. The wireless mice operate on a radio frequency that use 256 channels (or less). We had occurrences of mice having the same or overlapping channels. This would not be good in a general meeting or during a presentation. The frequency is the same as the wireless access feature of the ibook and other wireless access points - so interference may be a problem (it is with residential wireless phones as you may soon find out). A wired mouse will be used to replace it plus some other items. BlueTooth wireless technology would not cause the problems the radio based mice do. Also, you can attach a USB PC mouse to the Apple and do right clicks.
FYI: Wireless phones and Airport wireless access points: Residential phones using 2.4GHz frequencies often cause the Airport to stop its connection to a wireless laptop.

14. Q: How do I do a "Right Click"?
A: Press and hold the "Control" button. Click with the bottom part of the trackpad. A menu list should appear. You can add a PC USB mouse with dual buttons and a scrolling wheel, too.

15. Q: How do I record a voice file to post on a website?
A: 1. Go to System Preferences > set sound input to internal microphone and test your voice
2. Open iMovie
3. Click on Audio
4. Click to record track
5. Record voice
6. Click to stop
7. Drag track to Desktop (this .mov file will work but .mov file is too big for the web
8. Drag file and drop into iTunes
9. Click (select) file
10. Go to Advanced
11. Convert selection to "AAC - .m4a (this will reduce the size to 25% of original file)
12. Rename file to you like keeping the ".m4a"
13. Now the file is small enough for the web and will open in Windows and Apple using iTunes. (needs more testing)

Notes: .m4a is a newer standard. Browsers set for MP4 might not work, such as Safari.


16. Q: How can I make magnify or demagnify the screen to show small text files during a presentation?
A: In a Webpage, press Command" and the + (plus sign) to magnify the screen. Press Command and - (minus sign) to de-magnify. Other adaptive capabilities are found in "System Preferences" > "Universal Access".

17. Q: What speakers will work for presentations?
A: You will need external speakers with a stereo jack that will fit in the earphone jack on your computer. External speaker volume is controlled by the keys located above "3, 4, 5, and 6. "Mute", "Lower volume", and "Increase volume" are done with keys. In "System Preferences" > "Sound" there are controls to view and use to change speaker settings.
Speakers where not supplied to schools. Many schools have inexpensive sets of external speakers that were provided with PC installations from a few years ago. We have a few sets of external speakers here to loan for occasional use. Volume control can be added to the Dock.

18. Keynote example. You will find an example of a Keynote presentation saved in various ways here:
The file is targeted for High School but is appropriate for grade 4 and above.
Note: the problems encountered with a couple files.

19. Sites for royalty-free sound, still photo, and video sources.
Library of Congress
Bernie Dodge (Look for still audio and video links)
Below are Sound Links
FreePlay music
Internet Archive Audio Archive
Cool Free Web music
Pics4Learning copyright free photos
Not free, gives an example of an industry source- Hollywood Edge Sounds

20. Help with LCD Projectors
Some information below is written for a PC. Mac users can benefit from most of the the hints.

Start the projector. When it's completely warmed up and bulb is bright, start the computer.

Note the port on the LCD you connected the computer. Is there more than one computer port (1+2)?
Is there a monitor out? You don't want to connect the computer to the monitor out port.

If there is more that one input port (and this includes computer, RCA and S-Video) there should be a
select button on the projector. Press the "select" button until the correct computer port is showing.

Does the computer show on the screen now?

PC users: If not, press the "Function" key with "F7" (or a F key that shows monitors). You may press the key
this 1 to 3 times. Pause after each press. A computer screen should show now.

PC users: If you have two different screens showing and the Powerpoint does not show on the LCD when in
"Slideshow" mode you have "extended desktop" mode selected in the Control Panel...

PC users > Start > Control Panels > Displays > Settings > Decheck "Extend my Windows desktop to this monitor.

If the above does not work, change the video cable with a known working one and try the above again.
If that does not work, try another known working LCD. If a second LCD projector does function, the problem may be with the computer.

20. Microsoft Office Updates
Go to

21. My harddrive is failing to start - what can I do?
The preservation of your files is important. Using a Firewire and another 10.4 Apple computer, you may be able to connect the computers together > start the working computer > start the failing computer while pressing "T" for transfer. The harddrive may appear on the working computer desktop. Most times, files can be copied to the working computer.
There is a CD reimage option that re-writes the Operating System but does not destroy files (backup is recommended and this method has been reliable). Updates would need to be done.

22. My harddrive needs to be reimaged. What can I do?
You can call or Webform the HelpDesk for a reimage.
We altered the settings, so when the computer is returned it will have MacShield turned on. MacShield will keep the User files files saved but will not allow changes, printer settings, updates and files outside the Persistent folder to be saved.
Local 8 has a method to quickly reformat the iBooks through an Apple server. Possible locations of Apple servers capable of restoring iBooks are at Local 8, Peary and Taper DELTA Centers. Contact the Local ITAF to arrange a reformat as of Nov. 2005. Note all data will be lost if a reformat is done.

23. Does the battery need any special care?
The battery life can be extended with running it to sleep mode then fully recharging it. Doing this initially and about every week will maximized the life of the battery.
See more details at:
"Battery Lifespan
A properly maintained PowerBook or iBook battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 300 full charge and discharge cycles. You may choose to replace your battery when it no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs."

24. Replacement battery purchase

25. Automatic maintenance runs overnight daily, weekly, and monthly.
Apple OSX runs various maintenance scripts overnight, weekly, and monthly.
If the laptops are in sleep mode at night, some problems may occur.

26 Tips Mac Owners Should Know

ls -al /var/log/*.out



EPSON 61P LCD Projector Information
Purchase order for the LCD was PG 00000081314
Product Epson Powerlite 61P Commodity code: 2077500000
Date of order: May 17, 2005

Care: The Epson has an air filtration system. Observe dust buildup. Vacuum the filters to avoid overheating.

Warranty Information: It is under a 3 year warranty. The projector warranty is through Epson, please call Epson direct at 562-276-4394 and provide them the serial number if a problem occurs.
The school will be responsible for replacement lamps. The lamp has a duty cycle of 2000 hours.



3E-PW9X-DUWA-YNQQ-AJJR-SWH 82 copies only