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Welcome to Crenshaw High School, dictrict G in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Our Web site is currently under reconstrution by a group of students and faculty who, along with support and guidance from our administration, are dedicated to providing Internet access to all Crenshaw High School students.

With today's technology, you can travel the information super highway and visit Crenshaw High School without leaving the comforts of your own environment. You will be able to see that we offer our students a wide variety of activities and programs, which enhance their being well rounded and able to compete in a technological society. We are actively involved in developing and maintaining our status as being in the forefront of technology. Our students and staff are excited by the activities, which take place at Crenshaw High School. While we are all participants in a strong academic program, we still find the time to relax and have fun. Read our Web pages and share the information with your friends and associates. When you are in the Los Angeles area, be assured that you have an open invitation to visit our campus to see first-hand the innovative programs we have in place. We take pride in the work that we have done to integrate technology into the curriculum as we are the center of our academic universe.


Isaac Hammond, Ed.D. - Principal
Crenshaw High School

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