Professional Learning Community


    In 2007, District 6 embarked on a bold journey.  Through the vision and leadership of our Superintendent, Martin Galindo, we began to learn the effectiveness of Professional Learning Communities.  Our school has grown measurably since then and we will continue down this road to pursue our vision.  As a foundation, we have set a “Sequence of Work.”  We are learning and growing in our knowledge of this work cycle to improve the lives of all our students at Corona Avenue Elementary.

Sequence of Work

  1. 1. Essential Standards

  2. 2. Curriculum Maps

  3. 3. Periodic Assessments

  4. 4. Common Formative Assessments

  5. 5. SMART Goals

  6. 6. Execute a Rigorous Lesson

  7. 7. Look at Student Work/Analyze Data

  8. 8. Share Best Practices

  9. 9. Intervention

Please feel free to talk with your child’s teacher, or any staff member, about the new work we are doing.  We are very proud of the progress we are making and look forward to sharing our new knowledge with you.


Our PLC Sequence of Work

Four Priorities our PLCs will focus on are...

  1. Learning

  2. Collaboration

  3. Results

  4. Provide Timely, Relevant Information

Corona Ave. Elementary

Professional Learning


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