Response to Intervention


Red Folder for At Risk Student needs to include all papers from the SST Triangle:

  1. Teacher Observation- Check off list

  2. Teacher Assessments – informal / formal

  3. Statement of Concern – completed

  4. Adaptation for Success Checklist

  5. Communication Log- to be used whenever there is communication with parent/guardian, student, support staff

  6. RTI Collaboration Sheet –

1. Specific Content Area and Classroom Instructional Practices to be filled in by teacher then it needs to be implemented for 3 weeks before going to PLC

2.PLC Intervention New/Different Strategies to be filled in with PLC input then it needs to be implemented for an additional 3 weeks

3.Reflection can be done after first 3 weeks and/or after second 3 weeks

  1. Student Work/Assessments- need to include post-it note with comment on how the work/assessment was done: one to one, small group, peer help, extra time, etc.

Learning Center Teacher consultation can be done at any time. The following are guidelines in order for students to be considered for Learning Center:

  1. 25th percentile in fluency

  2. Intensive (SOAR 1-5) in Word Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary

  3. 25th percentile in DIBELS (for 1st grade)

  4. 25th percentile in Common Formative Assessments

  5. 25th percentile in Math quarter assessments

Support Staff:

RSP Teacher – Tim Dooley

Literacy Coach – Howard Johnston

Math Coach – Maria Swayne

ELD (LAT-Language Acquisition Team) Coach – Blanca Cuevas

School Psychologist – Noemi Duran

Pupil Services Attendance (PSA) Counselor – Silvia Coronado

Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) – Irene Lara

Parent Liaison – Cecilia Aguilar

Administration – Jack Bauman (Principal), Hilda Higgins (Asst. Principal), Vinita Bhasin (APEIS)

Multidisciplinary Team – Psychologist, PSW, PSA, Admin, ELD, Literacy, Math, Nurse

Other Terms:

  1. COST (Coordination of Services Team) – Multidisciplinary Team reviews and discusses student RTI Plan and generates more interventions as needed

  2. SST (Student Success Team) – Support staff, parent, and teacher meet for student whose learning, behavior or emotional needs are not being met under existing circumstances. SST explores possibilities and strategies that will best meet the educational needs of the student.

  3. Development of Case Study – Assessment plan prepared by Psychologist, Special Education Teacher, and Nurse (Vision, Hearing)

  4. Section 504 – Plan developed to assist those students with disabilities who do not need Special Education services but who may need accommodations that can be provided to them within the General Education program.


Intervention Pyramid

Pyramid Description