"We must view all young people not as bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit."
- Robert H. Shaffer -

Colfax Avenue School

11724 Addison Street
Valley Village, California,
(818) 761-5115


The teachers, families and staff of Colfax Avenue Elementary School are dedicated to the academic and personal success of all students. Together we encourage each child to aspire to his/her highest potential in a safe environment. We provide opportunities so that they may face and triumph over the challenges of the 21st century. Colfax Avenue School is an elementary school rooted in education, rooted in the community and rooted in parent involvement.

We are fortunate to still have the unique status of a neighborhood school, with a community and staff that reflects a caring concern for each other as well as for our wonderful students. Built in 1951, Colfax Avenue School is located in the Valley Village part of the San Fernando Valley, on the corner of Colfax Avenue and Addison Street. Colfax, once a private arboretum, is surrounded by large trees both inside and outside the campus grounds. Colfax is a small neighborhood elementary school serving a racially diverse student body of approximately 500 students. Most Colfax graduates attend Walter Reed Middle School in Studio City approximately 1 mile to the South and North Hollywood High School, approximately half a mile to the North.

The staff, students and parents at Colfax Avenue School believe that children learn through a thinking and doing curriculum that emphasizes grade level preparedness as well as creative methods to explore and incorporate visions of the future. It is believed that this can be accomplished best by providing:

• developmental pathways
• basic reading, writing and math skills
• experiential learning
• problem solving curriculum
• enrichment through the arts
• small and whole groups
• a psychologically and physically safe campus
•and a feeling of trust and belonging.

Colfax is very fortunate to have many wonderful programs and activities for our students and their parents, including our beautiful, newly remodeled, Wonder Of Reading Library, State-of the Art Computer Lab, music and dance, a mini farm, orchestra, RIF - Reading is Fundamental, Federal meals program, Mind InstituteÕs Math & Music, parent education classes, and the Los Angeles Unified School DistrictÕs Arts Prototype Program among others. We have many after school programs such as drama workshop, Anderson Enrichment, Computer Workshop, a PACE sponsored homework club, and after-school Y.S.playground.

We encourage parent involvement and are proud to have very active parent organizations visit their webpage for more information.

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