Coldwater Canyon Elementary School


Come Look At Our Staff!

Mrs. Grey (Principal)
Ms. Foster-Crawford (AP) Ms. Rodas (AP)
Coordinator: Ms. Burnstein
Office Staff: Ms. Fierroz,Ms. Mayer, Ms. Menzor, Ms. Sazonick

Coaches: Mr. Ragni (Mathematics), Ms. Ivanjack (Literacy), Ms. Eckel (Literarcy)

Parent Center: Ms. Hekimian, Ms. Silva

Custodial Staff:Mr. Fraile, Mr. Lopez, Mr. Praweth, Mr. Pugh

Cafeteria: Ms. Espinoza, Ms. Espinoza, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Najar, Ms. Ramirez, Ms. Trujillo, Ms. Zarate

Itinerant Personnel
Ms. Doria (Nurse)
Office Hours:  7:30A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  Monday to Friday; Mrs.Doria determines student's health status  including vision, hearing, dental, orthopedics , and general
health appraisals.  Assists students and their parents through in-service education, interpretation,
notification, counseling, and accessing health care, to meet the students and families' health needs.  
Responds to accidents, emergency illnesses, and crisis situations which occur at school.  Controls
communicable diseases through readmissions, exclusions, inspections, and determinations of immunization
assessments with follow-up where needed.
Ms. Sanayna (Occupational Therapist) Ms. Wolgut (Speech) Ms. Farish (Psychologist)
Ms. Marshall (Music) Mr. Hehr (Adaptive P.E.) Ms. Barton (Orchestra)
Noon Recreation Directors: Ms. Asdghik, Ms. Shooshan, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Rosas Vela, Ms. Suastegui, Ms. Torres, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Hernandez

Youth Service Supervisors: Ms. Frias, Mr. Garcia

Computer Room: Ms. Masaki

I started teaching here at Coldwater Canyon Elementary in 1975. I have taught every grade, but my favorite is teaching in the computer lab. It still amazes me that the computer can do such fantastic and wonderful things. I love sharing that with the students. The students here at Coldwater are the best in the whole district and I would never think of teaching anywhere else.

I have 2 teenage children, a husband, and a dog who keep me very busy at home. I have many hobbies like gardening, reading, skiing (until I hurt my knee), and exercising, but my passion now is playing golf. It’s a frustrating but fun game to play.


Teaching Staff