California Missions 
A WebQuest Designed By Tricia Kalma for her wonderful Fourth Grade Class


| Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation |

Step 1: Choose your Mission project
    You have TWO options for your mission project. Each project has its own requirements. Look carefully at all of the requirements    
    before deciding which project option you will do:

            Option #1 (Mission Model and Report)      OR   
            Option #2 (Tri-Fold Presentation Board with Report)

Step 2: Review the project requirements
    These are the requirements for both Options #1 and #2:

                 1. A copy of the letter you wrote to the mission, requesting a brochure of information (Due: March 3)
                   * You can find the address and contact information for each mission on the Directory of California Missions

                 2. Mission Layout/Map (Due: March 17)

                3. Mission Research Notes Pages (Due: March 24)
                     * You can use the written report paragraph worksheets (see the written report)

                        4. Complete Mission project (The Written Report AND Model or Presentation Board) (Due: March 31)

Step 3: Begin your research
   Here are some important questions that might help you in doing your research and report. Make sure you write your notes down because you will turn these in with your final report. If you would like to use any thinking maps to organize your informational notes, you can do that also.
          1. Mission number
          2. Date it was founded
          3. Founders of the Mission
          4. Named after
          5. Location (and why was that location chosen?)
          6. Indian tribe that lived in the mission
          7. Mission in the beginning
          8. Daily life on the mission
          9. Secularization (Decline of the Mission)
          10.The Mission now
                - How has the Mission changed?
                - How does it look now?
                - What is happening there presently?

Step 5: Write your report
Follow the guidelines in the written report section.
Your written report must be typed (14 font and double spaced). If you do not have access to a computer, your parents must notify me by February 23rd in writing, so that I can provide you with alternate guidelines.

Step 6: Prepare your visual realia
       Your visual aid depends on whether you chose Option #1
(Mission Model and Report) or Option #2 (Tri-Fold Presentation Board with Report). Please look at the descriptions of each project to make sure you follow the directions for preparing your model or your presentation board. You will be graded according to your effort and creativity, not on

Step 7: Perform self-assessment to be turned in with final project
Look at the Evaluation section of this WebQuest to find the rubric. There will be

Mission Model and Report (Option #1) 


Each student will research one of the 21 California missions and write a report. In addition to the report you will construct a model* of the mission you researched. The model needs to be made in the same layout as your mission, and you should try to make it look like your mission.


* For your model you may not use fabricated “Mission Kits,” because I would like to see you learn the value of problem solving and being creative as you construct your project. You may use cardboard, wood, sand clay, dirt, paint, pasta noodles, paper tubes, sugar cubes, legos, natural and artificial plants, twigs, or any other material you choose. Be sure to use a good base, as you will need to bring this model into school on the due date (and it will probably be on display in the school library). 


Tri-Fold Presentation Report (Option #2)

Each student will research one of the 21 California missions and write a report as well as present specific information on each panel of the presentation report.
Panel #1 (Left):

         California map showing the location and name of your mission

         A picture of the mission’s founding father, with biographical information


Panel #2 (Center):          
         Pictures of your mission and pictures depicting daily life at the mission

         Written report


Panel #3 (Right):

         One page journal entry (Place yourself in either a Native American or a Missionary’s place and write a one-page
entry. Entries should tell people about what the area looks like, the weather, the people you
             encounter, and what it is like in the mission.)

         Any other pictures or items you would like to decorate the board with

Written Report Requirements (for BOTH options):

 For your written portion of the project you will be expected to complete research and turn in a typed report.*
 Your typed report will have:

  1. Cover page
    1. Include the name of the mission, your name, and the due date
  2. Table of Contents
  3. California map showing where your mission is located (on Report Option #2 this will be placed on panel #1, not in the typed report)
  4. Body of the report, which will be a minimum of 2-3 pages long should include:
    1. Your own words (I don’t want you to just copy information!)
            Paragraph 1: Introduce the missions and give background information on why there were missions. See Paragraph 1 Worksheet.

       Paragraph 2: Describe what life was like for the Native Californians before the mission system. See Paragraph 2 Worksheet

       Paragraph 3: Describe how your mission was established and what life was like at that mission. See Paragraph 3 Worksheet.

       Paragraph 4
: Describe how the mission system changed the lives of the Native Californians. See Paragraph 4 Worksheet.

       Paragraph 5: Explain your opinion whether the mission system was beneficial to the Native Californians or cruel and unjust                 with facts to support. See Paragraph 5 Worksheet.

  1. Bibliography (list of references)
    1. Your bibliography needs to show the resources/references you used to find information. (If you click on bibliography, you will go to a guideline that you can follow to make a bibliography and cite your references.)
    2. You can also try using NoodleTools online to correctly format your bibliography. Choose "a Free NoodleBib MLA Starter," which is free to all users (designed for grades 1-5, ESL). All you have to do is make up a username and set up your free account. The program will help you set up and save your bibliography.

* Your written report must be typed (14 font and double spaced). If you do not have access to a computer, your parents must notify me by February 23rd in writing, so that I can provide you with alternate guidelines.