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Boyle Heights High School is a continuation high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We provide an alternative educational program for students who need extra support to overcome attendance, adjustment and academic problems. We are one of many such OPTIONS offered by the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Principal: Brian Drew

Administrative Assistant: Maria Jiminez-Ortiz


Location: 544 South Mathews Street

Los Angeles, CA 90033

Telephone: (323) 264-8070, Fax: (323) 266-7177

Brief History

Boyle Heights High School opened in September, 1981. Since that time hundred of faltering students have salvaged their high school careers and gone on to earn a high school diploma.

In the third year of the twenty year history of Boyle Heights High School a dedicated teacher and some of his students initiated a program that has influenced the entire school district. The teacher, Harry Shabazian, and some of his students ran the Los Angeles Marathon. He and his students soon discovered that the Marathon could be (and was for them) a metaphor for life. That was because through preparing and actually doing this very difficult thing (running a marathon), they had learned how to overcome obstacles and to develop self-discipline: they had learned that through hard work, they can attain difficult goals. Self-esteem and productivity among students went up. When the word got around about what was happening at Boyle Heights High school, others joined in: a new district wide program was born: STUDENTS RUN, L.A.

Phone: 323-264-8-70


Postal address
544 South Mathews Street, Los Angeles, California 90033

Webmaster: bdrew@lausd.k12.ca.us
Last modified: February 09, 2001