Mohandas Gandhi had many accomplishments throughout his 78 years of life. He even made some of his first accomplishments throughout his childhood. For example, Gandhi was about seven years old when he was offered meat by his older brothers. His accomplishment was that he made the right decision and did not break his Hindu beliefs by eating meat.
    Another of his accomplishments was in 1888, Gandhi left his country and family for the first time to study law in London. He later returned to India in 1891 after living in London for four years. Right after he came from London Mohandas Gandhi went to work in South Africa. He soon became more assertive and began educating Indians in South Africa on their rights. In 1894 he opposed a bill that deprive Indians of their right to vote and became a political activist.
    Mohandas Gandhi's most important accomplishment was that he fought most of his life defending his country and his people's rights. It all started when he was aboard in a first classtrain and was thrown out because he refused to go to a third class train due to his skin color. So in 1894 he organized Natal (South Africa) Indian Congress. In 1899 he raised Indian Ambulance Corps for British in Boer War, and was Awarded a War Medal. In 1906 Gandhi spoke at a meeting in the Empire Johannesburg lauching a campaign of nonviolent resistance to protest discrimination against Indians. He held this campain after British Government had just invalidated the Indian mariage.
    He later began a Satyagraha campaign in South Africa which he used twice within a couple of years to defend his people's rights. Gandhi also accomplished march from Sabarmati to Dandi's sea to collect salt in protest of the British salt tax. In 1947 India finally won its independence from British rule. In that same year Gandhi fasted successfully, to end violence between Indians and muslims in Calcutta after India achieved its Independence. Finally Mohandas Gandhi changed his country's life completely and the life of lots of people generations from him as well.