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Pre-K and kinder Stuff

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Lower Grades

Crayola kids (K-1)
Science 4 Kids (k-2)
Time For Kids
NASA - For kids
PBS Kids

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Upper Grades

Animals Behaving Badly(4-6)
Bill Nye The Science Guy(4-6)
NASA - for students
Rudiments of Wisdom
Scholastic News
Walking With Prehistoric Beasts
PBS Kids

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Fun Places To Visit
Near Our School

Aquarium of The Pacific
California Science Center
Disney California
Dodger Stadium
Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage
IMAX Theatre
Knott's Berry Farm
Lego Land
Sea World-San Diego
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Universal Studios

 Our Future!
College Bound

California State Univ., Chico (CSU-Chico)
California State Univ., Fullerton (CSF)
California State Univ., Long Beach (CSU-LB)
California State Univ., Los Angeles (CSU-LA)
California State Univ., Northridge (CSUN)
California State Univ., San Diego (CSSD)
Layola Marymount
Notre Dame
Ohio University
Ohio State University
Texas A&M
University California at Berkely (UCB)
University California at San Diego (UCSD)
University California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
University of Southern California (USC)
University of Washington

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Sega Game Systems
Nintendo Games Systems
The World of Nintendo
Atari Game systems

Movies/ TV Shows


Okay!  We give up!

It is a full time job trying to keep

up with all the new movies in theatres.

We would like to point you to a more reliable source

for your movie madness.
However, please read our Disclaimer before visiting this site.

Need More Ideas...
Try Yahooligans web site geared for children.

****Staying Street Smart on the Web!****
by Yahooligans

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